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About Us

We help customers that are looking at classic muscle cars for sale. If you are on the hunt to sell or trade your classic muscle car then you are at the right place! If your intentions are to sell your old muscle car then don’t hesitate to send us an email with your name and number along with details and pictures.We are always on the hunt for classic muscle cars and if you have one that we might be interested in, one of our guys will call you make and make you an exceptional offer that you won’t get any where else. And if you thought that was awesome, We will also wire you the money the same day we agree to buy. We are the only old muscle car dealer that offers that, So send in those pictures and lets do some business!

We understand that when searching for that dream car of yours it can be tough, there is so much to consider from how many owners it has had, what it has been through, what’s original and what is not etc. And then to top everything off, you always got to make sure the budget is in your range. We have been doing this for years and have become experts in the field of finding old muscle cars for sale or classic vehicles for sale and to top it all off we make sure that it is the one for you. Yeah of course you can go look through auto traders and possibly find a car you like but do they really want what is best for you? Do they do pre-inspections for you, before you buy it? I think that is what sets us in a unique stage oppose to other places that do what we do,Bec we can truly say that we care about our customers and we make sure that you are 110% satisfied with the process. That is why we are still the highest rated car seller in America.

At Eric’s Muscle Cars, We are a team of highly experienced car traders/sellers that offer valued service all over the United States making sure we make you happy with your experience with us.

Our goal is to make sure you know who to come to when you are on the search for that special car or when you are wanting a smooth sale. Here at Eric’s Muscle Cars, are aren’t just some guys behind a desk. We are all profound car enthusiasts that want to be the best antique car trader on the market. Not to mention we all have our own cars that we cherish. Everyone here has been down that road of searching and searching for that right old car trader and muscle car dealers. It is stressful, So understanding the importance of that connection with cars is something we acknowledge.

Here are just some of the few services our team provides when you choose us:

  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Car Classifieds
  • Advertising
  • Antique Car Restoration
  • Customer Support

I want to really emphasize on the Pre-Purchase Inspection service that we provide because it is such an awesome aspect when it comes to old muscle cars that really makes you feel at ease when buying because we know that sometimes those flawless dream cars can empty your wallet before you even realize it, that’s why we wanted to utilize this service.

So before you even invest any money into this car you are really getting aroused by, you can opt for a Pre-Purchase Inspection. Which means our experts on our team will show you more photos and even a video! This really puts people at ease when they can actually see a video of that car they have been drooling over and puts more confidence in your investment on that top muscle car.

So quit putting everything off and put a pep in your step! Turn your dream into reality with Eric’s Muscle Cars giving you the best deals with muscle cars shipped to Chicago, Las Vegas, Dallas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles area. We promise and give you our word that we will make your experience stress free and hassle free. Our team is always on top of everything from finance to Shipping and promise to make you a priority with a quick and easy process.

You can contact us via email regarding any questions or concerns and we will get back with you as soon as possible to get things going. If you are a seller you can send the pictures to this email as well, including details. We also assure to wire the same day we agree to buy if you are a seller. Please make sure to leave a name, number, and best time to call in the email. We can’t wait to do business with you!


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